Text: Thandolwethu Sipuye
Photograph: Supplied

Imhotep, the God of Medicine and Chief Vizier of Kemet. Builder of the first hewn stone architectural structure in the world.

The Grand Master Builder, the Master Mason known as the 'Opener of Stone' and the 'God of Medicine', the Chancellor of the King of Lower Kemet, First after the King, Chief of the King, Chief Physician, Vizier of Great Pharoah, Administrator of the Great Palace, Hereditary Lord, High Priest of the Shrine, the Builder, the Sculptor, the Maker of Stone Vases, Voice of God, Architect of the Cosmos.

Imhotep was an architect, a poet, a philosopher, medic, astrologer, high priest and political administrator under Pharoah Netjerikhet or Djoser.

Imhotep built many monumental structures of Kemet (Egypt), Imhotep, built the Great Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara or Sakkara, known to the ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) as Kbhw-Ntrw (Libation of Deities), in honour of the Great Pharoah, Netjerikhet commonly known as Djoser.

The Step Pyramid complex constitutes a milestone in the evolution of monumental stone architecture in the world. It is the beginning of a historic period that would eventually see the gold and diamond polished, smooth faced pyramids of the 4th Dynasty Master Builders.

The Step Pyramid in Saqqara was constructed out of limestone used on a large scale as construction material, and it is the Step Pyramid that births the idea of a monumental royal temple and tomb in the form of the sacred pyramid.

The Step Pyramid was wholly covered in gold, silver, bronze and copper, and sealed at the top with diamond capstones. These were looted, chiselled out and stolen during the savage colonial invasions of Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the so-called Great.

The stolen and looted material from Kemet adorn Europe's "most prestigious" museums today, and some kept as personal treasures by various European archeologists and institutions of white power

In fact, there would be no museum in existence in Europe if it were not for stolen, looted and robbed artefacts from the Afrikan continent.

Imhotep's Step Pyramid was the first of the pyramids of the Great Giza Plateau. These pyramids are directly aligned and correspond scientifically and astronomically with Orion's Belt.

Imhotep was known as "Opener of Stone" because he was the chief inventor of stone architecture, the foremost to use hewn stone in the construction of monumental structures in Kemet.

Imhotep was the inventor of the art of building with hew stone, without any plastering required.

Imhotep built the Step Pyramid for the Great Pharoah, Netjerykhet (Djoser) the Great Leader and Pharoah of Kemet's 3rd Dynasty. At this time there was no Europe or Asia in existence, let alone civilizations there.

Imhotep's Step Pyramid can fit in and accommodate all the largest cathedrals of today's European world, including the St Peter's Basilica in Rome, Seville Cathedral, Milan Cathedral and the Vatican all combined.

Imhotep's Step Pyramid in Saqqar can also fit in the Boeing Everett Factory, claimed to be the world's largest building, perfectly.

As Kemet's most famous architect, the Grand Master, Imhotep, was subsequently deified as a GOD during the New Kingdom and through the Ages.

Europe's 'Father of Medicine, the Greek Hippocrates, after whom modern medicine's Hippocratic Oath is named and after whom modern European medicine is established, was born almost 2000 years after Imhotep lived.

Hippocrates, the white hypocrite, plagiarised and stole all his supposed knowledge of medicine from the sacred scripts and writings of Imhotep from written on the stone monuments of Kemet and papyrus.

Imhotep's Step Pyramid was also not the first step pyramid in Kemet. Several small others with about three steps and dating back to the second half of the 1st Dynasty are found in the greater Djoser complex. This means Imhotep's Ankhcestors before him built these.

Imhotep's architectural genius was also used in the construction of the later hewn rock and mountain churches of Ethiopia such as those at Lalibela, where a group of eleven monolithic rock-hewn churches still stand.

Lalibela is still the biggest monolithic temples in the world, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the "wonders of the world" because Europeans are still wondering how our Afrikan Ankhcestors erected these structures.

Modern science, technology and architecture still cannot match up nor decipher the sacred wisdom of Imhotep which built these monuments.

All the lies and fabrications in the bible about the building of King Solomon's temple were stolen and plagiarised from the history of the construction of Kemetic temples.

Today, the monumental architectural structures erected by Imhotep thousands of years before some King Solomon existed still stand as testimony to the greatness of the genius and wisemind of our Ankhcestors.

There are no relics of any temples allegedly built by King Solomon anywhere in the world, these cannot be found anywhere in the ancient world or even in today's Arabia or anywhere where these were allegedly built.

Yet Imhotep's architectural structures, the great monuments and sacred pyramids and temples of Kemet still stand as testimony of our greatness, thousands of years after they were built.

Today they refer to ImHotep as a "multi-genius" because he was initiated into the Sacred Mysteries of Ancient Kemet and rose through the ranks to become a Grand Master Mason.

In all his images and statues in Kemet ImHotep is depicted sitting upright on the square, as the Perfect One of Divine and Noble Character, refined through fire.

As deified God, ImHotep, like His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I in this dispensation, possesses and represents 360 degrees of Supreme Knowledge, Supreme Wisemind and Supreme Overstanding.

So when these 'woke' zombies join the white crusade in demonising, mocking and ridiculing you as a 'HOTEP', stay focused.

Great ImHotep.