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WordUp Tape 2

WordUP Tape 2 Mixed [Styled] Curated by The Dala What You Must Mantra-ist, King Keep It Real Boutique The First. The Spirit Of Sheveza Current Is Present With Township Spirituals.

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When Words Become Flesh: Embodied Reading A Podcast

The most loving question one can hear is: “Can I read this for you?” (Seriously, go argue with the birds). In the age of screen time; TV, PC and Phone, reading is also silence time. A solo experience away from all the other people on social media. It's an experience of aloneness. But what about reading aloud. Reading out aloud connects you to your other-selves and other people. Reading-out-loud is normally associated with the horror of Primary school class reading or bedtime stories. But it should not be the past-time for children alone.

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The Queens Fortress - Met_A_Morphosis

“Rhythm & Poetry” is a phrase we are all familiar with; and many believe that it is the original meaning for the acronym RAP. Rap music and poetry have borrowed from each other for years with elements such as lyricism, meter, word play and rhythmic execution playing a vital role in both art forms.

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The Queens Fortress: Re/Member Your Descendants

“Gatekeepers often hold information from us in the poetry industry,” Vili says expressing how certain structures have been put in place in order to inhibit artists from receiving information that they need in order to be successful, as well as to monetize their art.

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